pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


The doctor told me, "Physical exercise is good for you."

I know that I should do it daily, but my body doesn't want me to do too much, so I have worked out my own special program:

Beating around the bush.
Jumping to conclusions.
Climbing the walls.
Swallowing my pride.

Dragging my heels.
Pushing my luck.
Making mountains out of mole hills.
Hitting the nail on the head.
Wading through paperwork.

Bending over backwards.
Jumping on the band wagon.
Balancing the books.
Running around in circles.
Tooting my own horn.
Climbing the ladder of success.
Pulling out the stops.
Adding fuel to the fire.

Opening a can of worms.
Putting my foot in my mouth.
Starting the ball rolling.
Going over the edge.
Picking up the pieces.

Whew! What a workout!

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