pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Wanted to Trade -- Colt for Pup

Since this post seems to be going to the DOGS, so to speak, I would like to find a good nosed Irish Setter female, mahogany, tall, in trade for a colt (liver chestnut, tall).

I lost the last of a line I've had since 1967 this August... They were super hunters, going out naturally with all comers. One doctor got his wife an Irish Setter pup for companionship from me, and bought himself an English Setter with two months' training as a gun dog. My totally untrained, but enthusiastic, Irish Setter went along (he'd have had to tie her up to prevent it, as he was hunting on my farm...) She quartered, locating and pointing three times, only to have his dog not honor her point, charge in, and put the bird up before he was ready. He brought her back, put her in the truck, and went out with mine. I suggested he should hunt his wife's dog and let her cuddle with his bird dog. It was funny, because he was always telling me how serious hunters did not consider Irishmen to be good hunting dogs...

In general, I don't know, but that line I got by accident because I liked one pup and couldn't walk away without her produced hunters for generations. I don't hunt, don't even own a gun, but pheasant and quail are native species around here, the farm has some ground cover for the birds, and off they go. I love watching them work a field. They are so graceful. And, if a hunter happened by, well, they were game. My last one had to be spayed to save her life when she got cancer. I did not have a pup from her at the time. I really did not intend to let that line die out.

Every horse farm needs a big lop eared duffus dog to greet visitors, tongue lolling, tail wagging, but big enough to keep strangers in their cars... Who will carry frozen turds into the front yard? Bring home the neighbor's partially burned garbage and shred it all over? Carry the baby kittens up to the house, then curl up around them, their little heads the size of her nipples... leaving them unhurt? Leap up and lick the nose of whomever I am riding in mid-stride?

Horses may be seen at
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