pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

#57 & 58

School is back in session, and my first seventh grader brought me a book from home: Fire in the Hills by Anna Myers. Set in the WW I era in Lafine, Oklahoma, the sixteen year old heroine first suffers the death of her mother in child birth leaving her in charge of her seven siblings, then befriends a conscientious objector. When a German neighbor is going to be hanged, she rallies the women of the area to stand up to the hot heads. She worries about having to stop her education at the eighth grade. The plot twists were well-done, and it read a bit richer than I expected.

Then one of the other teachers, when she found out that the novel I am writing has quotations at the start of each chapter, and that I was finding it difficult to pick just the exact right one, lent me a book that used quotes at the start of all of its chapters... So, I read it, instead of just looking at the quotes. Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs is a historical religiously oriented romance, so no bodice ripping, but plenty of mistaken identities. Like grand opera plots, this one has a scene in the dark where a lover does NOT recognize his lover's voice. I always find that particularly strange. Plenty of plot twists make this one book that you DON'T guess the total ending of...

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