pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Part VI -- The Party's Over


Part VI -- The Party's Over

(When I chose the title, I was thinking of a horse magazine I'd seen in the '70's or so, possibly from Wisconsin, something with a black and white photo of tons of DRAFT HORSES laying full out on the ground. The title said, "Some Party", "The Morning After", or something like that. It was hysterical.

Since I know what's coming in the story, that photo, even if it were one of mine, would not really be very appropriate. So, I found another Leaning Tree card with a stunning Indian offering his pipe to the wind, sun, whatever, while standing on a picturesque cliff... Now that one "works"... Gotta find out if they'd like some promotion if the book sells and they allow two of theirs to be included.)
Tags: sotfw -- sc

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