pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

People Watching

When we had a presenter who wanted to use the internet on the ICN room computer, she asked for help. The principal went up, so the rest of us just sort of ignored it... pretty soon, I noticed he was in trouble (just the way he stopped and looked at the screen, which we could not see.)

He looked up, then started talking to me, so I got up and entered her first few sites for her, and offered to hang around keeping the flow going, but she was okay by then. She didn't recognize the icon for the browser that was sitting off to the side of the screen. The principal told her to start it up, all she had to do was click on the icon.

When she showed the video, someone asked for the lights to be shut off. Nobody did anything, so I finally got up and shut down the ones in front, nearest where I was sitting. (Normally, whoever is in charge of presenting in the ICN room controls stuff like that for the front area. The lights in the back are shut off, but the ones in front not, as they are BEHIND the screens...) The superintendent was within arm's reach of the back of the room lights, but when he did nothing, I walked back there and turned them off, too. I think he did not realize where the switches were, as when it was time to turn them back on, he reached over and did it. (Yes, I have a real high GEEK score at school... You have to be geeky to know how to turn on/off the lights and use the web in the ICN room... I was TRAINED on how to use the fancy equipment down there the time I was teaching Spanish over the air, so, of course, nobody else could turn on/off the lights.)

LH was the official phone answerer... That happened three times. (She was not closest... but is the head of the remedial reading and the grant writing that goes with it, so of course, she's the one who needs to answer the phone. This is logical, right?) This is in a group of 35 people, including both the superintendent and the principal. (Principal was closest to the phone, but THAT is NOT a prestige job... If a principal or a superintendent is needed, THEY ARE IMPORTANT PEOPLE, so get paged to the phone over the intercom...)

Interactions in a group are SO funny.

But, if you have a geek reputation, that is worth defending. I was trying to give the principal some information, and two other teachers were asking him about updating their grade program to show schedule changes... He told them something that was probably true for his program, but did NOT match ours. So I risked sticking my oar in and told them where the item was located on their program to sort of speed up the process so I could get my material given and move on.

About ten minutes later, the history teacher asked him the same question. I was at the far end of the hall, but he had me come up and tell the guy the same information. (He heard me give the answer, but did not evidently understand it, as his version of the program is different. It was an easy question to answer, but in his mind, it fell into the category of "geek required".)


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