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Ditch for Town Pump Water Line -- (Parts unused?) SOTFW-SC

The showering in the sheriff's room to prepare for a wedding incident leads to Cu's willingness to help get a water line dug into the middle of Stone Circles to be a handier place to get water than trekking clear to the river, over a mile away.

Indians who have moved away because they could not earn a living on the reservation begin to return. Summer vacation has always seen a few visit, but the fact that so many stay and contribute their skills and effort to the improvements is a tribute to Despina's influence.

The probablematical split families are far more solid with the various father's presence. A rented back hoe makes the water line digging go far better than Despina could have hoped for.

The old style pump, donated by the reluctant hardware man to avoid being reported for his infractions with the refrigerators, is a welcome addition, and adds rustic charm to the newly "stoned" town square.

Last updated 8/10/04.
Tags: sotfw-sc

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