pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Notes on the showering incident -- SOTFW-SC

The rooming house she eventually rents a room from turns out to be the sheriff's mother. She rents her his room, with his permission and knowledge, as he feels sorry for her after the upsets at the local motel with Paul Peter. The room comes recommended by Ellie of Ellie's cafe.

Things go along fine at first. She can shower, wash her clothes, and sleep in a comfortable bed, which always has fresh sheets waiting for her.

The day the sheriff switches his shift is NOT one she normally spends in town, but a wedding is scheduled, and she wants to get clean for it.

When he comes home early, she has showered, and Paul Peter, who is naked, is drying off, when Cu, who's been keeping tabs on her, comes in. She smooths things over and suggests he also might want to shower. He has no sooner entered the shower stall for a cold shower, as nobody is waiting long enough for the water heater to rejuvenate between showers, when the sheriff enters.

Sarita and Alberto are with her, and Sarita showers with great aplomb, but Alberto begins to scream. (Okay, this is what brings Cu in...) Cu then leads Alberto by example, and BOTH of them are in there when the sheriff comes in.

The sheriff's artifacts in the room and his entry convince Cu she is taking the townie's advice and "sticking to her own kind."
Tags: sotfw-sc

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