pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

I Returned the Pie

Jess, who works for Hy Vee, said, "Why don't you take the pie back?"

So, since I had to return the library books due tomorrow, I took the pie along. YES, I did the library first, as I knew I would buy something else in Hy Vee, which would probably be heat sensitive. Then, I thought I'd better not be hungry when I went to Hy Vee, and since it was 12:30, I ate at the Chinese restaurant, then went to Wal Mart for the hair brush I'd forgotten to get last time. I was so into not being compulsive that I met three people from Seymour, talked to them, got just the hair brush for $3.49, and left. Driving past the Standard Oil/MacDonald's, I got the tank full of diesel, as I was half way down, and it is a 34 mile round trip to the closest diesel dealer from home... When I went in to pay, I continued with the "old home week" atmosphere, hitting one of our infamous drop outs behind the counter, who was very eager to be recognized. She told everyone in line and around the counter that she was probably my worst Spanish student... I just smiled.

In the Hy Vee parking lot, I hit the kindergarten teacher... while I was carrying the pie. (You get some very strange looks entering a grocery store with groceries in your hand.)

I went to the Deli with the rhubarb pie masquerading as cherry, showed it to the gal behind the counter, who agreed with me that it was rhubarb, NOT cherry... and sent me to the bakery counter (actually part of their counter...but half an aisle further on.) That girl looked like she wasn't sure what rhubarb was, but knew there was a problem with the pie. She told me to go back to the front door and pick out another cherry pie.

I was no longer in the mood for a cherry pie, but I dutifully went back to the entry area, and examined the two apple, one pumpkin, and one peach pie... but I was in even LESS of a mood for them, so I returned, telling her that there were none. She still seemed confused, so she got out an order form, turned it over and asked my name. I spelled it to her, and she disappeared into the bakery area.

Soon she returned, still carrying the rhubarb cum cherry pie. We went back to the customer service area together, telling the gal there that I was due a refund. That gal examined the pie and said, "Yes, that is NOT cherry." She took the pie and gave me $3.99. By then, I had $17.00 worth of stuff in my cart, and I forgot to drop off the film to be developed... which is at that same counter. (It could have been worse. Once I took a roll of film in to be developed and came out with $117 worth of stuff... but I was HUNGRY that time.)

As I was getting my raspberries, grapes, and plums bagged, Eddie Martin, my neighbor, showed up to bag, so I asked him when Carol was due back from Texas. He then told me the ROUTE he plans to take next Saturday when he goes to pick her up. He's supposed to meet her in Joplin, but wants to go to Kansas.

So as he sacked the two little plastic containers of raspberries, one package of grapes, and three plums, I told him the research that was on the radio yesterday about Kansas being as flat as a pancake. Some fellow for his doctoral thesis, or something, converted a pancake's surface and Kansas's surface to a similar data base for comparison. Kansas, it turns out, IS NOT as flat as a pancake. It is FLATTER. The researcher discovered that were Kansas as bumpy as a pancake, you'd be driving along and hit a 10' deep POT HOLE...

Everyone in line laughed, so Eddie, still not done with the sacking, told us that he'd like to go through Kansas because parts of it (the eastern edge) were real pretty, and he wanted to drive it again like he did years ago... The customers lined up behind me were all real eager to hear the towns on his itinerary, but I was getting uneasy, so told him he'd love Wichita and collected the sack of fruit and left... (Probably bad manners.... I know he's lonely... but?)

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