pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Movie Review: legion of fire: killer ants

Plum> "This is not science fiction. This is science fact. The story you are about to see could happen . . . TOMORROW!"
mgrasso> i love the title too. it's like they used one of those "refrigerator poetry" sets. "legion of fire: killer ants."
Ironf> Umm is this a bug hunt, man?
Plum> This is actually an X-Files movie, kinda like those made-for-tv Ewok things.


BEMaven> They stepped on quite a few ants. Think it will rain?


mgrasso> so, does pileggi play the king of the ant kingdom?
mgrasso> they brought a shotgun. ON A FISHING TRIP?
Ironf> redneck fishing Grasso
mgrasso> jack london's call of the x-files


Plum> Maybe we'll be treated to ancient Indian wisdom about fire ants later.


BEMaven> So the ants think they're in Brazil.
BEMaven> He died as he lived...for no particular reason.
mgrasso> you know, between the CGI ants and limbs and the earthquakes, this movie went over 5,000 dollars for their fx budget
BEMaven> Don't forget all the dirt they had to buy.


BEMaven> which one gets to stand on the mound now?
Ironf> Fire down it a couple of times with that shotgun oughta do it


BEMaven> What's the bounty on a dirt mound?
BEMaven> Shoot the ants in the antenna. They're helpless without them.
Plumm> I love the smell of montage in the morning.


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