pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Raven Is Back

Raven is home now, and Bob popped in this afternoon, so I held Raven's head sans halter while he poked the medicine in. Raven ran around the yard, hollering until Debut came up, then they played mock fight over the fence, complete with horrendous screeches. The front yard may be a bit too active a place for adequate convalescence...

I got the super good hay out of the manger of the trailer, but once I walked off from it, he left it, too. He did go over this morning and eat a bit on the big bale that was from the same farm he'd ignored one from before, so perhaps he will keep up his desire to eat enough to gain. Every time he'd pace the fence, I wanted to dash out and nail his feet to the ground...

Take it easy just isn't in his vocabulary, it seems.
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