pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Visiting the Sick

Marthy and I visited Raven at McClintock's in Centerville both Tuesday and Wednesday. It was pretty grim Tuesday. We were there about 45 minutes, but he only managed two bites of hay, listlessly chewed. He wouldn't even try the grain from my hand. We could see some of the medicines they were giving him sitting on the bench outside his stall.

Wednesday, the first thing I spotted was a HUGE pile of poop. I've never been so glad to see manure in a stall in my life! Output of that volume means LOTS OF INPUT. He was eating his hay, chewing the entire time practically. He did take a few bites of the grain and drank water twice while we were there. He kept his head in petting distance a lot. Bill had said he might do a blood workup Wed. but I don't know yet if he did, or not. I'm unsure if he planned to do one if he did improve, or if he didn't... I didn't think to ask. He leaves on vacation on Saturday, which is the day Raven is due to get the last shot in the series. He's being treated for two things (that I know of...)

Marthy was standing there, looking at Raven, when she announced that that squeaky fan needed attention. At one point, she looked over and asked, "Do you think it could catch on fire?"

Nobody was around, but the lights in the stall were still on, and soon a barn man showed up on a four wheeler, got off, and walked over to the fan with a can of something in his hand... Now, that's fast. Just think it, and the problem is fixed. We talked to him for a bit, and he reached in to see how much grain Raven had consumed.

As if he were going to protect the grain from a stranger who might take it away, as soon as he left, Raven ate a few bites of it... Just like a big kid, we decided.

Today, I am missing the company of both Raven and Marthy.

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