pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Communing With Nature

M: "When do the mosquitoes come out? Would they be out now?"

P: "They generally start in about sunset."

M: (returning from a trip to her car) "Nothing yet. It's lovely outside."

We sit companionably on the bench. Soon, I got cold. The mosquitoes must find it too cold, too, as none show up.

P: "Are you cold?"

M: "A little."

The sun has set.

P: "If we're going to stay out here, I think I need a sweat shirt."

M: "Me, too."

The sky is clear, full of cool points.

M: "Is that the Milky Way?"

P: "Yep. If we go out back, the stars will show up better. Do you want to drive out to the center line of the farm?"

M: "No. I'm too much of a wimp."

P: "Well, I'll drive."

So, the show adjourns to the mid point in the freshly mowed hay field.

M: "Look at that! That's the big dipper! It's so bright!"

P: "The little dipper is over here, upside down. I think that bright spot down low is a satellite."

We move to the far side of the 80 acres, where the farm yard lights don't distract from the show.

P: "For best viewing, we should be lying on our backs, looking straight up. There's the bow and arrow. Whose sign is that in?"

M: "The grass is too wet. If this was a normal summer night, we could."

Eventually, we came in, but it was after midnight. So much for going to bed at 10:30 to be able to get up early and enjoy the morning...
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