pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Marthy's Visit -- Dual Post

P: You remember how Coqet likes to eat donuts? I suggested to Marthy to bring along some stale rolls, and she got three... Added a bagel after feeding the egg left-overs to Sweetie, the Canadian bacon to Mellow Yellow, and I threw in some crusts of a cherry pie, in a metal tin.

Then I videoed the results when we entered the front yard... Coqet has now taught Omyno to eat the goodies, too, but she still got the lion's share. No commandeered the empty pan...

She said I had to tell about my escapade with the little sweet grape tomatoes. She'd brought some salad fixings -- lettuce, chicken fajitas, baby carrots, a slurry of mushrooms, onions, and red peppers. Of the three, the only one my stomach will still tolerate is the mushrooms. I added cucumbers, chopped celery, and most of a box of sweet grape tomatoes, carefully cut in two.

While Marthy put cucumber slices and celery into the bottom of salad bowls, I whipped up fayzee's version of a cucumber salad: celery seed, chunks of celery, salted cucumbers, and mayonnaise. Then, for a salad to go with our meal, we used Hy-Vee's delicious Italian salad -- cucumber chunks, diced tomatoes, green peppers, and onion in a heavenly sauce. Pandemo topped each bowl with an entire layer of halved grape tomatoes.

But, where would the lettuce go? Out came a mixing bowl set, and the bottom two became our "chief's salad" bowls. The lettuce, purple cabbage, and thin sliced carrots were divided into two, then dressed with the contents of the first salad bowls. A low fat cucumber dressing was drizzled over the conglomerations.

Pandemo separated out the onion and green pepper from the Italian salad, then thought it looked a little plain, so she got up and added the rest of the box of sweet grape tomatoes to Marthy's bowl...

"Yikes!" shouted Marthy, leaping off her chair. "That's cold."

Turning, Pandemo saw splatterings of sweet grape tomato all over her top, her glasses, in her hair, dripping down her face. Ah, Pandemonium strikes again.

M: Now pandemo is certain that the tomato fiasco is just an accident. But Marthy isn't so sure, seeing Pandemo's eyes twinkle in amusement.

P: "Amusement, say you! That was NOT amusement! I was horrified! Why did you scream?"

"It was COLD, not to mention surprising."

In the end, however, a good time was had by all and no one left the table hungry.
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