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Appendix -- Background Material: First Meeting -- The Dream (present tense version)

It is the dawn of the computer age. A British computer sends an old adage to its Russian counterpart as part of the calibration process.

"Out of sight; out of mind."

The Russian computer dutifully translates the message into Russian, then sends the Russian language version back to the British computer.

The British computer runs it through its translating program, and prints out, "Invisible and insane."

---anonymous joke circulated heavily in the early days of computers, back when they filled a room, which had to be humidity, heat, and dust controlled.

She is driving Baby Blue Ram, her old beater of a pick-up, east on Highway 2. The windshield wipers intermittently bat at the spittings of snow decorating the glass.

"A hitchhiker? Mid November is no time to be out seeing the country on foot!" she thinks.

Never pick up a hitchhiker. They might turn out to be a serial killer, and you might turn into their next victim," her conscious niggles her.

"That jacket sure looks short. And a bit worn. It probably isn't much protection from that wind."

You're just an old softie. See a stray dog, and nothing will do but you have to bring it home, even though you KNOW how your father hates dogs!

"But, this is a human being, not a dog. He can't curl up in a snowbank with his tail protecting his nose (assuming the smattering builds up to a bank... it is too hard and cold a snow to create a comfortable drift.)"

He's not even trying to hitch. He's just walking along.

Phew! Finally out of sight. "Out of sight; out of mind."

Translated into Russian and back into English as "Invisible and insane."

Rats! It is INSANE to be out walking along, not dressed for the weather, on a day like today. You have to live with yourself.

She slams on the brakes and does a U'ee right in the middle of a deserted flat stretch.

Last updated 9/3/01
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