pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Prim, Proper George Tries For His "Dirty Old Man's" Card!

Event #1
Mom was sitting in the room with George in the ICU deal after his heart attack when a cute young thing came in to give him the list of do's and don't's for when he left. When she got to the place where she said, "No sex for 3 months." George immediately shouted, "SIX Months!"

Mom spent some time with niece Sharon, brother-in-law Clyde, and sister Carol on Wednesday. Husband George came in about ten after getting his report on his blood test.

His doctor is the daughter of a lady who was a close friend of Rosemary's.

"I know you!"

Even though that was at least twenty years ago, they recognized each other.

He was sitting there perfectly matter-of-fact-ly at our luncheon telling how the lady doctor checked this and that, ending with "and she pushed, and pushed on the area below my tummy."

Mom quickly came back with, "She Did What?"

"I liked it," George shyly added.

Clyde immediately said, "What's her name?"

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