pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Off On Tangents

Wherever I happen to be when something I feel like writing about comes up, off I go, resulting in another misplaced piece, this time, in epi_lj's journal, confusing him totally.

Next week, I go to Omaha, Nebraska, in a school car for a one day seminar with one overnight. Well and good, as that is about five hours one way. But the second part of the training moves a bit further away, to Marshall, Minnesota, for a two day seminar. Again, the school will pick up the cost of an overnight and the registration fees, but being able to drive there before a meeting, attend the meeting, stay overnight, attend more meetings, then drive home is NOT an option.

Last night, a former truck driver who did "long haul over the road" got out his trusty maps/atlas, which fill a brief case, and announced the two day seminar was a "fur piece" from me, gestimating ten hours or so travel time (assuming I could keep a truck driver's pace going that long at one sitting...which at my age, is NOT assured any more, although I could do it at one time, and did, frequently).

When we got to toting up mileage on the most probable routes, it came out almost 500 miles one way! I'm sure that the offer assumed that any place in Minnesota was close enough to my sister in Rochester that a family visit would ensue, but the two are nearly 300 miles apart. I can't even go to Rochester (six hour drive one way, stay the night, drive on to the conference, and return the next day. Only the part of the route "north" is useful, as opposed, say, to her living in Illinois, with NONE of the distance in the right direction.

Duh, I should do a computer based "trip" and be sure. Well, 8 hours and 424 miles.

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