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If you were to ever completely run out of clothing, say, your clothes were stolen while you were lounging naked in the backyard or something, how would you get more?


This actually happened to a character in a Robert Peck story... I think it is A Day No Pigs Would Die ... (Or maybe Soup ... don't get old -- your memory starts to STINK!)

The little boy sees a cow in trouble and pulls something out of her throat. Now, somehow (I've forgotten) he ends up overhaul-less (which is ALL he had) so he ends up sneaking around, going into a church basement where there will soon be a rummage sale, and re-outfits himself there.

Funny, funny scene.

What I'd do?

1) My "back yard" is visible from the highway... so no way would I be out there naked. (I can't really see myself "lounging" comfortably anywhere naked...) Perhaps, I could be showering and a tornado took the other 7/8 of the trailer off to Oz or something... so, you open the shower door and... OOPS! because the whole county has congregated to "help" with the emergency...

I'd opt for staying in the shower until someone brought me something...

Or, without an audience, I think I'd hit the pick-up truck, drive it down the driveway into the area between the trees, get into the old house, and find some of the discarded, way too small, clothes that would cover SOMETHING...

If the rest of the items in the trailer were still there, a black plastic trash bag with a head hole cut in in on top, and one with two leg holes cut on bottom, and hold them together in the middle. (or maybe use the pinch together type of clothes pins...

(Smaller people might only need one bag.)

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