pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

RAGBRI -- MCJ's Journal for Friday - July 21, 2000

Just in case some of you don't know what RAGBRI is I will explain. This year is the 28th Annual RAGBRI--a group of people that bike ride across Iowa. They start on the western border and follow a mapped out route and finish on the eastern border by dipping the front wheel of their bikes in the Mississippi River. Oh, they start the RIDE (not race) by dipping their back tire in the Missouri River. This group of people come from throughout the United States and between beyond to take part in the ride. But they have to send in an application and be selected to take part. Shortly after the first few they had to put a maximum number for participants as it just kept growing. It is over 8,000 riders and has been for over 75% or more of the years it has been going. They don't do the interstate--it is not that easy. This year I believe the ride is 450 miles long.

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