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Organization of the Novel

The book is coming together.

First comes the title page:

Summer Circles/Verano, Vivace ) Or whatever I really settle on...
by Sandra Hugus

Then comes the part called either Forward or Preface.
(Well, it is actually called Prologue at present... but I think only people with MA's in English are likely to appreciate the distinction.)

Prologue originally was followed by either Forward or Preface. Maybe Podunksville, Iowa, really goes in an appendix... it has grown from a casual remark to a fellow teacher into a five page slapstick comedy routine that OUGHT to be funny anywhere, but I have to pass it around to people who are decision people. I tend to leap wholeheartedly on the most outré suggestions and be totally delighted by them. I need feedback by (local?) folks firmly grounded in the day to day reality of local living.

(10/29/01) I did pass it around heavily, to anyone I could get to stand still long enough to read it. Several were miffed at the title, but unanimously, upon reading, the verdict came out "funny", not "offensive". But, the decision of front of the book/back of the book still is unresolved.

The part called Forward or Preface has been moved to the back and called Appendix II in a fit of sheer cowardice. I think I prefer it up front, serving as the lead in to Despina's title page, but it grew to five pages, and I did not want it to stop people cold, as it really is not ABOUT things in the novel at all.

Next comes the long title page:

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

by Despina MacKenzie

age 26

No longer single in spirit.

"The Dream" (9/4/01) is next.
Segments from the dream are interspersed with the "real" story as flashbacks. "First Meeting" (9/4/01), "The Recurring Dream" (10/29/01), "New Dance" (11/4/01), "East Is East" (11/4/01), "...and the Bees" (11/4/01), "The Arrival" (10/3/01), "Range War" (9/16/01), "Under Construction" (10/28/01) and "Tex's Propposition" (10/31/01) exist on Live Journal so far. I intend the chapter titles to say either The Dream or The Recurring Dream, and eventually, all the proofreading will get done, and they WILL read that way...

"Ye Olde Watering Hole" (8/28/01) begins the real time story proper...

"Before the Mike" (8/26/01 23:45) follows, then "Range War III".

"The Water Pitcher" (10/28/01), "Elemental Forces" (9/19/01) and "Vows" (9/21/01) are still at YOWH, but I am not sure they are in the right order. The section where she and the sheriff take Tex home is still entombed in the green journal, awaiting posting, along with the wild trip to the res, and the decision to tell it second hand or put it center stage has not been made yet. It is the first of the Magic Realism stuff other than the fact that the dream is coming true, sort of...

Once she actually hits Stone Circles Reservation, "Under Construction" (10/24/01), "El Alfabeto" (10/28/01), "Class Projects" (9/29/01), "The Wind" (10/24/01), "La Bañera" (10/29/01), "La Bañera" (10/19/01), "The Rescue", and "Refrigerator Art" (10/28/01) are posted.

Jumping back and forth between the dream segments and the actual action real time, told in present tense, will either enrich everything and greatly increase the humor, or confuse people totally. I can't decide which. Some feedback here would be appreciated.

I am also thinking I should add the reference dates to the names, so folks can find the pieces easily...if anyone is even reading this stuff on this forum.

The Universal Themes (9/9/01) has found its way into an appendix, currently labeled Appendix I, as well as a sheet with complete lyrics to the song Despina sings... These things are all subject to change and comment.

Other miscellaneous things: Snazzy Titles (9/7/01). The great title debate is on. Post your opinion, suggestions, favorites and reasoning under comments. Chapter Titles (10/3/01), which always lag behind the creative process a bit...

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