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On Relationships

Thoughts sparked by comments made by Lela, Jess, Sue, Fred, and others in love:

"Are you open to warmth and affection?"
(The Kiss...a wave of incandescence flashes clear to her toes.)
"That's not warmth! That's an inferno!"

Knees wobbled to the point of collapse. Bonelessly, she leaned against him.

"That was a masterful performance."

"I either have to walk, or be assured there's a chance for me to play a leading role in your future life; I can't invest effort if you KNOW it's for what can never be more than a bit part."

Trial and Error method of relationships:
On being married five times:
#1 was a marriage of obligation -- she was pg
#2 was done out of spite -- his mother hated her
#3 was a marriage of convenience -- someone to help raise the already existing children
#4 was to secure somebody to love -- it was comfortable
#5 "He deserves it all -- to be loved, to love freely, a soul mate, to grow together.

Remember the legend on the mayonnaise jar, "Keep cool; do not freeze."

Fred, quoting, at his most outrageous: "Or are you afraid the the hole has become plugged from disuse?"

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