pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On Litter Pans and Impulse Buying

2003-06-20 06:05
I was looking for a kitty litter pan, just a plain, no frills pan. I went into Pamida, which had only ones with tops too high for the new kittens to possibly climb into until long after I hope they have found new homes, so I wandered around waiting for my friend to get done.

I came home with $69 worth of stuff I did NOT need -- three paperback books, a double VHS movie called Pearl Harbor, and two CD's, both Fleetwood Mac: Say You Will and The Dance.

Fatal, looking for kitty litter pans. This is the third store that has NOT had just a plain old plastic litter pan. I don't think my budget can stand much more looking.

I needed a jug of milk, so off I went to the nearest town where I could get diesel gas for my '86 BMW as well (50 miles away round trip). I ate before I went, so I would not get carried away.

So, I ended up with cheap milk, 20¢ off a gallon, and $73 total on groceries! No pan. WalMart had only the big ones with the 2" high liners on them. The grocery store had nothing plastic at all.

Off I went today, for a prescription refill (closest store, 34 mile round trip), called in the order, walked back, picked it up, walked out, got a sack of cat food for the kittens and their mother at the vet's (charged), and went into the el-cheap-o general store...

The gal up front didn't even know if they carried cat litter pans. She sent me to the furthest corner of the store. I found one in a designer matching color (not part of the problem in my book!), for a whopping $2.00, and 10¢ tax.

Now, I am down to milk and bread money until payday again. (the 20th... of JULY.)

I was NOT tempted to buy too much at the vet's, either. Maybe a colt will sell, a stud fee will come in, or I'll win the lottery. Oh, cross off that last one. I don't buy tickets for it.

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