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East Is East "Buttons and Bows" -- Ray Evans - Jay Livingston (First four lines used in "East Is Eas

Well, I finally found the entire lyrics to the RIGHT song (there's a more famous quote I almost went for...) but as it turns out, if I use more than the first quatrain, the meaning is the opposite of what fits in my story... Sigh... So I guess I'll post the entire song in the ever bulging appendix, and just quote the part that fits on the acutal page. The whole song was longer than the entry, anyway, which looks sort of funny.

I need to ask Mom who sang this. (She did, off key, but with great gusto, but I meant someone more famous! Her singing ability falls more in the "infamous" category. Unfortuantely, I seem to have inherited it from her.)

East Is East
"Buttons and Bows"

East is east
And west is west
And the wrong one
I have chose
Let's go where
I'll keep on wearin'
Those frills and flowers
And buttons and bows
Rings and things
And buttons and bows

Don't bury me
In this prairie
Take me where
The cement grows
Let's move down
To some big town
Where they love a gal
By the cut o' her clothes
And I'll stand out
In buttons and bows

I'll love you in buckskin
Or skirts that I've homespun
But I'll love ya' longer, stronger where
Yer friends don't tote a gun
My bones denounce
The buckboard bounce
And the cactus hurts my toes
Let's vamoose where gals keep usin'
Those silks and satin
And linen that shows
And I'm all yours
In buttons and bows

Gimme eastern trimmin'
Where women are women
In high silk hose
And peek-a-boo clothes
And French perfume
That rocks the room
And I'm all yours
In buttons and bows

    -- Ray Evans - Jay Livingston

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