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East Is East -- The Recurring Dream (8/18/06) Q SOTFW-SC

Sunday, November 4th, 2001 10:06 am (pandemo)

East Is East -- The Recurring Dream

East is east
And west is west
And the wrong one
I have chose...

    -- Ray Evans - Jay Livingston

"Where're you from?"

"Arizona." His voice and eyes hardened.

"You were heading east."

"I'm coming from Kansas."

"Arizona is southwest of Kansas."

"So it is," he acknowledged, the humorous glint returning to his black eyes.

Last updated 8/18/06 (added links to "Buttons and Bows" and poem first two lines might derive from. 7/11/04.)

Buttons and Bows lyrics
The Ballad Of East And West by Rudyard Kipling
Tags: sotfw-sc

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