pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Making Pasture

Last fall, I asked a local farmer to renovate my pastures. In February, he was still planning to do it. Then, as April ended, he began to change his tune. Several weeks more, all with nothing done, and he said if I could find someone else...

So, last week, I went up to a seed company and bought a batch of mixed seed -- lespedesia, rhy, orchard, timothy, brome, white clover... what I hoped would match the good stand I got last year, but couldn't find the formula for.

Then I waited for RAIN. A tacky ground holds the seed in place better. Last year, it got spread without regard for the rain, and lots of bare patches show where it got washed into the runnels it was supposed to prevent with its root system.

I spread the grass seed mix in Debut's pasture, but must have done it too thickly, as I used up all the seed without finishing the patch, much less getting into the other pasture. I need to go back for more seed. But I waited before spreading this batch until there was moisture. I got splatters on the windshield before I was done, and it has dribbled all day. This is ideal for seeding germination. I could see where last year's seeding washed into certain areas before sprouting. That could still happen to this batch, of course, but I am hopeful. I tried to fill in a lot with new seed. (Maybe that's why I ran out???) I also was not consistent in the volume of seed I was putting down. The little seeder I bought a few years back seemed to go on the blink after making a horrid screeching noise, so I ended up scooping it out and tossing it into the air... Oh, well. As long as it came back down, something ought to happen....

Let's hope this isn't another session where we see how effective my black thumb is.
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