pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Invasion, Part II (3/11/06; WC 140)

November 23, 2001, 22:13

They are walking back to the hovels. The last of the captured six have been turned over to the sheriff and his deputies and will be spending at least one night in the county jail.

"Why did Mickey say he might not be able to keep them?"

"Don't know. How come you were 'asleep' one minute, and then telling me to get down, as I made too good a target, the next?"

"I dreamed 'they' shot Cu again. But this time, I knew right where they were. I knew they were going to fire on the campfire area. I wanted you to put the fire out, to kill the light, so they wouldn't have a clear shot."

"That guy had a night scope on his rifle. The fire was not important to his aiming ability."

Last updated 3/11/06 (changed URL)

Word Count: 140
Tags: sotfw -- sc

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