pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

June Is Busting Out All Over

In May...

I enjoyed Mom's description of the flowers outside her window. "I looked out my bath room window this morning ... no horses, but there were two huge magnolia flowers just within my sight.

"Then I looked out the glass door in the kitchen and the circle of day lilies around one of the oak trees were open, beautiful yellow; I counted 38 flowers. This is better than a yellow ribbon.

"Further back in the side yard to the left is our gardenia bush with seventeen snow white flowers.

"Our temperature by noon has been 86°, changing very little. I guess spring has sprung."

I planted a bunch more last fall, hyacinths, some pink tulips (one box really was pink, the twin box bought the same time and place was violet and came later in the year... and the pale yellow ones (in the package marked pink that I've had for several years) still have a few that are active and come up. Two of the bigger hyacinths from that planting still come up. And I tried a rose bush again, which had two nice roses on it when I bought it, and is making another one right now.

The dwarf apple tree and dwarf peach both have little hard knobs on them that will become fruit. I am excited!

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