pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The FFA Banquet

I went to the FFA banquet tonight, but stayed typing too long on the journal entry about WNV, so I snuck in about seven minutes (I'm a SSSLLLOOOOWWWW typist at best) without signing up for anything (drawing at the end of the program...)

I NEVER win anything even when I do sign up, and don't really believe in getting something for nothing, anyway. So, there I am, heading over toward the door at the end of the presentations of the plaques...

"Don't leave, yet," says the sponsor (in general -- not to me specifically.)

The students have a coffee can full of folded slips of paper out, and the FFA Sweetheart is drug back up front and begins drawing names from it as FFA members (14 of them, all told -- A HUGE PROGRAM -- by contrast, the FCCLA banquet last night had FOUR members, one of whom was WORKING and could not attend) pulled donated things from under the head table.

A few dozen people get caps. #1 is the superintendent. It is hilarious! Where, pray tell, will a tie and suit coat fellow wear a labeled SEED CORN CAP? As one gravily-voiced wag suggests, "To the bathroom?"

Another dozen get various livestock brushes, including the superintendent's wife...

Every mother and father present get a lead rope, tee shirt, sweat shirt, $5.00 phone card, stack of metal tomato plant supports, bird seed, or #50 bag of ice melt (corn based product).

"Trade around if you get something you don't need," we're told...

People who HAVE horses or cattle DO NOT get the brushes or halter ropes. People with rock driveways get the ice melt. People with no trees get the bird feeders (made to hang from a tree branch.)

The gal with a whole kennel of coon dogs DOES get the dog treats.

A bald guy gets a feed cap AND an umbrella! (They have more gifts than guests, so the pile is put back in part way through and the drawing continues until all the loot has been distributed.)

Talk about LAUGH...

I strike up a conversation with the gal who is the State of Iowa President of FFA. Suddenly, MY NAME is called. I won a security light. (Of course, when I first got the trailer, I bought one, still unmounted, and have it under the guest bathroom sink... a VERY secure sort of place, don't you know?)

I figure that if I mount it in back of the trailer, whatever horses are back there will get a kick out of turning it on and off all night. If I shut the bathroom door, it won't show into my bedroom. (The skunk and the possum might set it off, too. Hope it doesn't SCARE the skunk into making a deposit...)

If I mount it in front, every time a cat or the dog walks by, the light will come right into my bedroom windows.

MY MOM turns 79 tomorrow -- maybe I can convince her SHE won it...
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