pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Come Take a Walk With Me...

Jess brought over a Johnny Johnston photography book, and I was looking through it. The poem I just printed, and this one, uncredited, were from that source.

Come take a walk with me
And we shall see
The world each spring anew.

The first line really resonates with me... I used it as the title and beginning of each stanza of the lyrics to the farm video I did in the '80's.

Come take a Walk With Me
What glories we will see
If you will cooooome with me.

Brian P. the band director at Corydon that year, suewolf, then a reading teacher, probably the librarian, I think the coral music person, at any rate, several other teachers and I were in the library at a round table watching a movie with a very slanted world view masquerading as teacher in-service... required attendance, but attention not mandatory. We were being noisy (naughty -- grading papers was okay, but not out and out inattention that ATTRACTED ATTENTION) Three of us, Brian, Sue and I, started passing notes-- somehow poetry emerged. Now, Sue's a poet, Brian a composer always on the lookout for lyrics, etc. and a consummate musician. (Sadly for us, he stayed one year and moved on to a junior college, where his talents were probably much better-used. But what an intellectual loss to us left behind!)

I had been singing original songs into a tape recorder as I drove from Seymour, where I taught in the morning, to Corydon for the afternoon session, and one of them was "Come Take a Walk With Me".

All the songs were intended to accompany the farm video I was putting together, and illustrated various video segments already shot.

The Walk With Me piece had no verses. Brian thought we needed THREE, (choral songs evidently come in three verse/chorus format.) So, we "composed" more verses.

Come take a Walk With Me
What glories we will see
If you will cooooome with me.

Come take a walk with me
Up mountains tall and free
We'll scramble where big horns flee
And eagles fly far to see.

Come toke a walk with me
To isles in the deep blue sea;
Stroll 'neath a green canopy
Searching for abalone.

Come live your life with me
I plea on bended knee;
What wonder there will be
If you will cooooome with me.

Verse after verse got passed over to Brian, after discarding the rhyming lines ending in bologna, among others now mercifully passed from my memory.

Oh, did he ever react.
"No animals! No eagle! No goat!... GOATS? Now, that's attractive."

"Think dahl sheep -- you know, mountain goats."

Total outrage: A choir can't sing "Can of pee!" What are you thinking?

"Abalone? Isn't that another ANIMAL?"

"Well, the shells are pretty."

"May as well stick the picnicking on bologna back in there!"

"Bended KNEE? No way. Nobody, I mean NOBODY does THAT any more."

(and, yes, I can still recall that abominable movie!)
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