pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

My Own Special Treasures

My treasures do not chink together or glitter. They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night.
    --An Old Arab Proverb

My special treasures had a visitor this lovely, lovely afternoon. Not the lady who was looking for a trail horse (heaven forbid if a customer actually pick a gorgeous day and show up...) But at least someone with a love of Arabians, and some of his own to appreciate. Bob came by at 1:30 and stayed until 4:30 this afternoon on his way back from looking at a 40 acre farm in MO for $7500. (It is full of THORN trees, just what every horse farm needs. He said he could get rid of them within five years, but it would be hard work. At nearly $2000 an acre, I don't think you should have to sweat five years to make it marginally usable! He's thinking it over.)

When he came, I was just getting ready to take the trash down to be burned. This is the first weekend in a LONG time where the wind was down enough that it was safe to burn. I had all but one last load of stuff in the back of the truck, and we took it down and arranged it around the chunks of the cedar that got hit by lightning last summer. I think this is the last time I'll have to burn cedar for a while. We got the biggest pieces (the ones I could only roll) into the middle of the fire and burned into smaller chunks. I went down with two more sacks of paper (just in case) and stuffed all but three big pieces of the burned in two logs into the barrel just at sunset. The other pieces that didn't fit yet were chunks of dead elm trees the creek brought down in times of flood (way before last June -- the creek's been dry since then, and has barely got water in it now, but is not flowing. At least the water hole has got something in it -- not clear enough that I'd like the herd using it, but at least it is forward progress.)

He even drug one old hedge post that has been there for YEARS after a flood uprooted it, but it was just too big and heavy to move. It didn't get clear burned in two, but a good start was made on it.

We also spent 30 minutes WITH the book showing photos and describing how to do it, putting the spare tire and the jack back in the trunk. I held my mouth just right, and the trunk opened the second try. He laughed at me when I told him sometimes it wouldn't open. (I was relieved that it didn't make him eat his good natured teasing over it...)

He had no good ideas for how to get rid of the possum that showed up in my headlights Thursday night instead of my friendly little wild rabbit or the much more sinister large white plumed SKUNK that was half a foot from the front door to the mobile home when I got home Friday night. (The rabbit was back, but he was in the entry to the driveway instead of the yard. Antisocial? Wary? Been there, done that?)

Sweetie went over and tried to brace the skunk when I caught it in the headlights and was trying to "herd" it from the safety of my closed up car by putting the lights in the proper places. He finally got the idea and ran around the same side of the house the possum used the night before, ducking around behind the trailer where the cats have removed the screws in the skirting, leaving a hole or two evidently large enough to be enticing to the local wildlife... Where's that old COYOTE when you need him?

Since Omega had EMP, and I think Deput also, I am adamant that a POSSUM not live anywhere near my hay. I called around a bit to see if our county had an animal control officer. I know one in Centerville, but he is in Appanoose county, and I live in Wayne. Somehow, although I know he's good with dogs, cats and horses, I can't picture him with a possum or skunk... I may call him anyway. The worst thing he can do is say that he can't.

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