pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Pandemonium Hits the Street VI

We made several passes at the gate before all were safely in. First some went into the side pasture to be sure more adventure didn't await them there...(Nada, the old one who fell, thus ended up IN FRONT, and brought them into the driveway and on up where they belonged. She'd had enough adventure.)



So the Millennium Party video is pretty wild. We tried all sorts of sound tracks for it, "Country Roads, Take Me Home", "A 'Wanderer, Ah I'm a Wanderer, I Roam Around..." "Walk Right Back To Me This Minute", but even the died in the wool country music folks agreed the best sound track by far was the German import France van Suppe's "Light Cavalry Overture". We put the charging at a canter section with the running down the road, and it was a hit.

These cuts are stills from two different video cameras. If the snow is BLUE and fuzzy, I shot it. All the shots around the Confidence corner are mine... If it is WHITE and super clear, Missy did... we even had trouble putting the output of the two cameras together, the quality was so noticeably different. (The running down the hill and up into the driveway are hers.)

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