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Justifying the Title Verano, Vivace

November 17, 2001 11:17

Alice, some time after the first visit to the library, to Despina:

"Yes, 'es un verano vivace' as Alberto says."

"A lively summer? Where did he pick up an Italian musical phrase?"

"Quién sabe?" she shrugs her shoulders, gesturing palms up in an over-exuberant parody of the way Italians speak with their hands.

Despina, at campfire:

Alice told me this was an unusual summer, but the way she did it was unique. She said, "'Sí, es un verano vivace' as Alberto says."

"Where would Alberto have heard 'vivace'?"

"A visiting missionary's hymnal?" opines Paul Peter.

"He told her that during his first trip to the library. Before he could read more than a single letter. "

Paul Peter shrugs.

Sheriff to Paul Peter:

"I've heard this summer described as 'un verano vivace.' An Albertoism. Out of the mouths of babes, and all that."

Sheriff to Despina: "What's the latest episode in the 'verano vivace' category?"

Last updated 2/26/02.
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