February 17th, 2017


Doctor Visit

I finally got to the doctor.  I'd called a week ago for a appointment, but he'd been out sick.  (Occupational hazard?)

His office partner, who'd treated me over the years and knew that I'd used Testalon pearlies instead of cough syrup when I got past the point where a cough drop was working, had called in a script for me, which I'd picked up and used as needed.  (I could have up to three a day, but only took one if I couldn't quit coughing when I went to bed, so had only had three, not seven by the time I actually got to see my doctor.)

I'd also had bleeding which my former nurse sister labled hemorrhoids off and on since before the election.  

When he entered, he noted I looked a bit pale, and added blood work to the known issues list.

I told him I hadn't been going outside much, even though the weather has been far warmer than expected for this time of year.  

He looked up the last time I had a colonoscopy, which I'd already had the nurse do last week when I'd first contacted the doctor's office.  The fellow who performed the surgery had told me I didn't need another one for ten years, but I'd had that one in Jan. of 2011.  My doctor countermanded his advice, as I was now having issues.

He ended the visit with the promise that we'd be seeing a lot more of each other.  He kept patting my shoulder when he'd come or go from the room as various other people got me the supplies I needed for the stool sample, drew blood, etc.

I ate at Hy Vee's cafeteria afterward.  I'd tried to do a fasting as I knew I needed a blood draw sometime soon, but since this was a replacement appointment, it wasn't until 2 pm, and I didn't last that long.  I broke down and had a slice of Texas toast with butter and grape jelly about 11.