August 19th, 2016


"Quiet" Day Expected (But, PANDEMONIUM Hit)

So, I got a call at 7:15 about fixing the drip in the drain I reported a week ago.  The guy I normally use is evidently on vacation.  I got the joy of replacing my faulty garbage disposal.  Since I watched a serial on Netflix until 3:30, figuring I had an empty schedule today,  I awoke with my heart pounding.  Just because my 93 year old mother is in "good health" does not mean trouble can't come calling.

I calmed down and decided to try to drop off again, but no.  At 8:10, another local phone call.

"Can't mow the lawn today - car broke down blocking driveway."

I think that's the same one he used last call.  The one before that had my heart in my throat again.  He took a trailer of metal scraps to the dump, but crashed, instead.  He was unhurt, but the car is dead in the road.  (Presumably, the trailer, too.)

He was repairing the tractor so he could finish the mowing before that. I  may end up doing one of those fertilize/water deals with the five head left, since I don't have any flowers, anymore.

I decided while I was holding the door for the plumber to do the set-up on the printer.

The disc enclosed was marked EASY 1 2 3

I started at 11:00, and finally have a test sheet from both computers.  (4:15)  The tech help I was on with from 12-1 WAS FOR THE WRONG PRINTER, even though I read them the data right off the front of the printer.  He transferred my call, and other than the bit it took to get the phone tech for the internet to cough up what I needed to fill in the forms, was all the same poor fellow.  He stuck with me until we passed go, twice, once on the laptop and once on the Mac Pro.