November 12th, 2015


New Bed Came


Although I'd been told that the company delivering my Craftmatic bed would come between 10 and 3 today.  I was leisurely removing piles of unread books from the side of the TV monitor I watch the old VHS tapes on as I edit, afraid as the new bed and frame was carried in, or the old one removed, someone would accidently bump into them and the cascading pile would trip someone.

I also stripped the bed, expecting to be able to put clean sheets on the new bed.   When I bought it, the gal assured me that Wal-Mart, Target, etc. all carried 13" corner sheets. That turns out to be the mattress thickness. My old one was about 8" or so, and regular king sized sheets don't fit. I was in WM, looking, but saw nothing even close.
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