November 6th, 2015


NANO Topic Stalled -- How to Proceed (11/6/15 -- WC: 363)

Okay, here's the scoop.  The National Novel Writer's Month (NANO) topic I started seems to be dead in the water.  Since we can now go back to an earlier effort and keep track of the new words typed (as I did with The Saga of Travels Far Woman, Part II: Mountain Lover, dropping thousands of words from my 2002 effort, but only keeping track of what was newly written [but STILL not finished... even though the new combined total is now in excess of 130,000 words] handily winning NANO for the year, the Book I, SummerCircles, is still incomplete.  The main story is done, but the whole thing purports to be based on journal entries.  Very few of those are done, (if only the ones quoted from in the plot itself.)  Since I'm nothing if not wordy, I now plan to go back to that long ago summer and complete the journal entries.  I'm betting that will result in far over 50,000 words!

So, I just looked up the file.  Instead of only typing entries from that summer, I began on January 1, 2001, and ended on 6/19/01, for a total of 14, 318 words.  I'm not sure right now how many "empty" days are in between those dates, nor if I have any (probably on-line) fake journal entries for anything later.  It seems as if I should, as I quoted (supposedly) from later entries, and can vaguely remember creating entries for them.  There is, since I'm a random access type, the distinct possibility that the entries in the file are NOT in calendar order, but random order.  Oh, joy!  What a mess that will make to get under control.  At any rate, by recording the starting number, keeping track of additions/deletions to them, as I did for Mountain Lover, I can easily separate out the new from the old.  IF I can actually refrain from editing (fat chance, given my personality,) I can just subtract the two end number for original file/final number to arrive at this November's total.

On-line references on Despina's Infamous Green Journal:
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The Infamous Nielsen TV Card Content (WC: 150)

(return address) (first class mail

Nielsen TV (printed diagonally across light maroon TV set         U.S. POSTAGE PAID

375 Patricia Ave.           Nielsen Media   

Dunedin, FL 34598-8190 Research, Inc.)




(bar code)


(My current name, address, and nine digit zip)


Nielsen TV We’ve produced the TV ratings for over 50 years!

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We will telephone you soon.  Thank you.

(Susan Whiting in script)

Susan Whiting


Nielsen TV Ratings

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