December 29th, 2014


I Talked to The Gardens Again About Mom

Email from my sister:

I called again.

Guess I like being a pest.

Mom DID go to the eye doctor on the 18th. What is unknown is if she ordered new glasses, or if the ones she has are just for reading or to wear all the time.  I explained to Tori what (that? ed) Mom can’t see, and we don’t want her to slip in it, fall, and break a hip like Aunt Rose fell and broke her hip, and died.  The Garden's representative will call the doctor and ask for me and let me know.

I asked The Garden's representative to just put the nice new blanket on the bed when Mom was out of the room so she wouldn’t give it away.  The representative understood.

She was laughing because Mom was trying to give away some of her Depends because she had too many! The representative thinks a box a month will be fine.  She will monitor and let me know if she needs more or fewer.

And she will empty her voice messages from her cell and see it it’s charged.

No re-draw appointment on the bloods yet.