December 24th, 2014


Black Stripe's Shot

I ended up taking Black Stripe to the vet's.  She's been coughing (sounds like a human with whopping cough, coupled with the sniffles, which I've never seen a cat get before.)  She was highly subdued at the vet's, watching the man with her huge eyes.   As he worked, I was running an internal dialog of what she was thinking, which tickled him.  He gave the shot with a thin needle, and she didn't react to it at all.  She was fine while he listened to her heart, lungs and larynex, too.  (He did that first, of course...)
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Answer for question 4164.

What's the last thing you took a picture of? Did you use a phone or an actual camera?
Don't have a phone, but have a digital camera that will take stills or video. My uncle, a Methodist minister who resigned and went on the revival trail, died in February in Wyoming. Some cousins from Ohio picked me up, and we drove 15 hours straight through, switching drivers frequently.

While there, we had a mini family reunion, so lots and lots of photos. I shot candids and organized group shots, making sure EVERYONE got into both family and group shots at least once. Hundreds of photos. When I got home, I edited and emailed shot after shot.

I also stood on a pile of bales of hay and tried to shoot video of two cousins "driving" a special car that was two front ends, designed to drive into the corrals and toss out hay, then exit without having to back up... It is a very clever cobble job, but looks silly. They did figure eights, etc. I also shot a dog playing fetch, which was challenging, as he'd free run, not "hit his marks"!