September 17th, 2014


Black Stripe Ablactates

I helped her out tonight. She's not got the order right. First, her mother taught all her litters to GET OUT OF THE BATH TUB and into the KITTY LITTER. Black Stripe totally omitted that stage.

She did, however, start to wean them. I added a small container of dry cat food. She hopped into the tub and began to crunch away. Two joined her. Since the circumference of the container was too small for more heads, something had to give. Soon, they had it spilled and were all following suit.

I added a flat black tray a microwave dinner came in that has been through many a weaning, with just a hint of water tonight when I noticed she was not suckling them much. The one girl got it at once. The orange boy tried to snort it. The two black ones came to the tub closest to me and tried to exit. I dipped their noses in the water. The little girl, who was the runt, has passed the yellow boy in size.

That's the quickest I've ever seen a litter learn to eat/drink. NOBODY tipped over the water, although the black boys keep walking through it.
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