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Saturday, September 13th, 2014
1:01a - Word Check: flackey
First, I didn't question it until after two spell checkers flagged it, but obviously, if I have to go to the Urban Dictionary for it, maybe I need to reconsider:

A subservient underling or obsequious bootlicker who has sold his (or her) soul to the devil who employs him (or her); a shameless flack engaged in dissembling on an order of magnitude beneath contempt usually reserved for flunkeys and lackeys

(1) George W. Bush has bankrupted the U.S. Treasury through reckless tax cuts for the wealthy with the help of his Republican flackeys in Congress;

(2) Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are flackeys for the failed foreign policies of the Bush Administration
~ Michael Fox March 22, 2004

current mood: enjoying the definition

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6:21p - Time/Temp/Weight
Saturday 9/13/14 Time/Temp/Weight

 9:35  219.02 # (old scale)  220.82 # (new scale) 72° (back bathroom) 56° (front porch)  sunny

 10:55  219.42 # (old scale)  220.42 # (new scale) 73° (back bathroom) 67° (front porch)  partly cloudy

current mood: happy

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