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pandemo's Journal

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Friday, September 12th, 2014
6:18p - Time/Temp/Weight
Frday 9/12/14 Time/Temp/Weight

 12:20  218.62 # (old scale)  219.82 # (new scale) 72° (back bathroom) 49° (front porch)  drizzle

Chicken noodle soup, lemon dessert.

current mood: droning on

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6:29p - I FOUND the HOLE
Today, I popped out the back door and spotted Hint of Orange, the "permanent" resident in the cat house, in the lane to the back gate, outside the cat run.

She ran to the hole between the board the gate latched on and the cement foundation underneath the siding and slid inside to greet me purring inside.

current mood: elated

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