July 26th, 2014


Things Named You'll NEVER NEED TO KNOW

The stiff tip at the end of a shoelace is called the aglet.

I’d put that right up there with owning a set of Allen wrenches, (inherited from Dad, of course) but I’ve actually been asked for those a few times over the years.

Black Stripe is visibly preggers. Hope her brother or dad didn’t do the deed. She was slated for the yellow Tom Bandita produced, but she took my choice away.

Two Faced's wild black female (creatively named Blackie) mated with one of the yellows, and is his soul mate. She produced a tortoise shell female and a black male this litter, the first time she’s ever let me see any of her litters. She let me stroke her back twice one night when he came up for some affection, then she backed off a bit. For years, she's stood back and watched her two Tiger brothers drop and roll, begging for belly rubs, rub my ankles or come to my hands and arch their backs underneath them, but never came up for her own share before. I carry her daughter around frequently, and SC held her for a while in the house the day I brought her in. (Her husband EC was offered a turn, but staunchly proclaimed that he was a "dog" person.)