June 26th, 2014


Jumped the Gun

Last night, after it had cooled off a bit, I went out to see if the cats were enjoying their new-found freedom.  The outdoor pen was empty, so I went inside, collected Black Stripe, and carried her around to the outside, locking her in the larger area.

She turned around and tried to rejoin me.  I went to the far end, near the cat door into the garage.  She duly followed the length of the pen, again trying to reach me through the chicken wire.  Finally, I decided to help her find the entry into the cat house from the outside.  I went in, picked her up, and put her head and neck into the hole.  She tried to curve her body around and rejoin me.  I reached inside, and bumped my hand against WOOD!  The door in the plywood two story dens did not match up with the hole in the garage.

I drove down to the carpenter's house and asked if he'd checked out the hole.  He had no idea the entry hit into a two by four instead of lining up with the hole on the inside.  (The wall is over four inches thick, so if you don't put your hand inside, the misalignment is not readily apparent.)

This morning, he came down and used a jig saw to create a hole into the back of the dens.  Design now matches reality.

So, are the cats outside, basking in the wind, communing with nature?  Nope.  They are hidden so deeply in the dens that I can't even see them through any of the four entries.  I called, but they didn't answer.   Now I'm wondering if they escaped the are during the construction of the entry hole, or area just hiding until they get more familiar with their new surroundings.

Definitely a worry wart.

Sundown Cat

Black Stripe was not in the cat house/chicken wire pen.

Spelunker was lying on a pile of construction supplies, while Four's Son was growling at the far corner. I couldn't figure out what his problem was until Black Stripe waltzed up for petting.

I picked her up and put her back in the cat house. (At least she was with the right male, even though he was not impressed with her. Four's Son is Bandita's, while Black Stripe is from Two Faced. This lineage thing may have unexpected consequences, as there are two other yellow toms somewhere around who are Black Stripe's half brothers. It's been over a week since I've seen them, though.)

Hint of Orange was back in her normal place on top of the storage area (she's long haired, but evidently doesn't realize that warm air rises).

Bandita's Beauty and the tortoise shell from Two Faced's last litter before she was spayed both came out to be petted.

Maybe now that they can go outside, Hint's sister Licker will return and hang around. I sure hate losing her!