June 6th, 2014


WITTY Apple Pages Upgrade Review

What is wrong with Apple's software teams? (one star out of five review) by His Majesty the King - Version 5.2 - April 24, 2014

It seems that once the iPhone was introduced Apple put drunken monkeys in charge of its desktop apps and moved the brain trust to iOS. First iCal, then Final Cut X and now Pages have been savaged in updates that break functionality, introduce bugs, force you to work in a few kluged and counterintuitive ways, and removes the freedom and excellence which used to be the hallmark of Apple products. If this app were a car, it would have one door only, located under the passenger footwell. It would only make left turns unless one first removed the radio and replaced it with a toaster oven. The wheels would lock up at random until one scraped all the paint off and broke off the rear view mirrors.

It's as if Apple had been taken over by and evil conglomerate using the customer base as an experiment to see how much excrement you could get the populace to eat before they died or revolted. The tragedy is that they could be turning out amazing product with their billions of R&D money available. Instead, we get forced into the equivalent of a stale McBurger and generic cola with limp fries. We are watching the death throes of a once-great company.
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