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pandemo's Journal

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014
3:36a - Coon Games
The huge coon's back - she just sprung the trap...  She stood blatantly underneath it and stared at me.  Then she got up on her hind legs and jimmied the entire cage from underneath where it hangs out over the porch edge, springing the trap.

The other day, when she was on the porch, she stood her ground, too, so I got the old metal broom stick out and poked it at her.  Cheeky.  Doesn't play nice with others.

current mood: chewing nails (nine inch variety)

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3:39a - Insurance to Come?
After two years uninsured, I have a company ask for photos, which I took with the computer.

Anyone know how to flip them so the east isn't on the west side?  Looks weird.

Coony just sprang the trap again.  I need to go see if she's in or out. Rufu I pretty well know, but...

current mood: Calmer

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