February 27th, 2014


Harold Has "Gone Home"

I had a strange phone call - from my cousin's wife, from Ohio, then was startled when she said she'd called the "wrong" S. H...  She was trying for the Riverton cousin, attempting to return a call from him.

SH, his second child, so worded his email notice, that I assumed he had gone home to his house from the hospital.  I passed the note on to my sisters, one of whom said she thought he'd died, and was I sure he'd just gone home to his wife.

So I asked, and got the whole history of the illness.  Talk about feeling STUPID!

Here's what he'd wanted to tell his aunt:
Dad went home this afternoon.  We have been in Salt Lake City since Friday.  He had good care, but his heart quit while being prepped for a replacement valve.
Talk about having a Pollyanna attitude!

Querried the former nurse sister, "Um, did they get it started again?"

Said, I, I said,  "I assumed so.  I assumed if this were a death notice, that fact would have been duly noted, but you are right.  That might have been the best he could do through his grief.  I remember how I was when it was just a HORSE.  I'll check and keep you posted.

"Honestly, L.., I did not think of alternate meanings for "went home"."