October 29th, 2013


Dying of Curiosity

When I was in the waiting room at Humeston before my appointment with Dr. Baker, I'd taken along three envelopes to tape up/check for all the inclusions I wanted, etc.  I did not think to add a pen, sure I had one in my purse.  NOT.  So I stepped out into the short hallway to get one from the receptionist.  Dr. Baker, back to me, laptop resting on a short dividing wall between the hallway proper and the break room/kitchen area, was busily typing notes.  The nurse, standing behind a table, was facing him, so eventually I came into her sight.  She was talking.

"Is Sandra Hugus the one who..."

I was DYING to know how she'd intended to finish that sentence, but, of course, she saw me and stopped.  Later, when we were done, I elliptically asked Dr. Baker about it, but he had no idea, logically enough.  Or, maybe just none he would admit to.

Missing the Point

Today is just one more occasion of a relative not getting my humor, or me trying too hard to be funny, not sure which.

Here's the conversation I had via email with my youngest sister:

Me: Is Jeremy Tim's son or Paul's son? (explanational aside: both cousins, sons of my father's youngest brother, both living far enough away that we don't see each other regularly)  Glad I'm not a gossip - I can't remember even simple, important things about people…

LBHH (explanational aside: I'm the oldest, she's #3 of 4, but that's only a 2 ½ year gap -  WWII ended, don't ya know, so we're both retired now.  I think I can safely skip the explanation of the "birds and the bees" population explosion.):  I don’t remember.  I know I have it written down somewhere….

Me: Ha!  That either 1) makes me feel better, or 2) means we're both related and ALZHEIMERS is hereditary…

LBHH (explanational aside: I trained as a teacher and lasted 41 years; she trained as a nurse, then went on to more good-paying jobs, one of which required that she NOT reveal her former job...):  Don’t dwell on the Alzheimer’s thing so much.  It now has a name.  Years ago, it was “dementia”, or “she is getting old.”  Memory loss is part of aging.  The thing to remember (is that) everyone forgets where the keys are, but worry if you look at the car keys and don’t know what they are.

So feel better.
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