October 27th, 2013


More Animal Psychology

Here's a surprising one.  My anemic mother cat seems not to be eating.  I tried to coax her with a freshly cooked, but previously frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast.  After three rejected bites, I gave up.  She'd evidently given them the cat equivalent of "cooties".  Black Stripe also turned her nose up at it, although she licked my fingers, cleaning off RASPBERRY JUICE, then chicken juice.

I put both offerings into the outdoor cat pan.  THEY eat anything!  So, up comes the dominant tom cat.  (The raspberry juice went out earlier, so was out of the running.  Which did he go for?  A twice microwaved chunk of that obvious cat favorite, cauliflower, or the three bites of white meat.

Yup.  He went for the BIGGEST?  Anyway, he dived in, grabbed the cauliflower and ran.  Go figure.  (Two Faced IS his mother, so maybe her "cooties, beware" message was still recognizable, although he's two years old now…)