July 31st, 2013


Sunrise Song - Kathleen Eagle

(reposted from a comment I put in audrey_e's lj)

Jul. 31st, 2013 09:02 am (local)
How Depressing!
While I've only seen her (Sofia Coppola's) debut film, I, too, was impressed with her and what she'd captured on film.

Having suffered from depression, mostly in a seasonal form that comes to a head around February, I can readily see that from an external, visual point of view, a prolonged descent into description could only result in boredom for an audience.  I ended up spending fourteen days (miraculously cured when my insurance ran out) in an institutional setting, where my innate personality led to a clash with authority (NOT my general pattern, it's opposite, in fact).

Do you dip into unlikely books?  I read a very hard, but true to my experiences in an extreme, culturally chilling setting in Kathleen Eagle's Sunrise Song, which deals with an infamous Indian insane asylum that really existed in Canton, South Dakota.  She's married to a Lakota Sioux in real life, and taught for 17 years on a North Dakota Indian reservation.  Her story reads horrifyingly, chillingly possible.  Sunrise Song © 1996, may be difficult to locate in your country, but after reading it years ago, I began to search for it again, not remembering title or author, only certain details about the asylum.  Of course, none of the blurb stuff mentions the setting - that's given in an acknowledgments page before the preface.

Yesterday, in the smaller of the libraries in my local area, I located it.  Now, I'm going about securing a personal copy.  I bet Sofia could translate it into film in a most gripping way!

Muddling Through Unacceptable

From Michael Kazin's American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation, page 276

A world of freebooting capitalism has delivered neither material abundance nor social harmony to most of the world's people.  Failed states, religious wars, environmental disasters, clashes between immigrants and the native-born are common features of current history, as they were in earlier times.  But the perception that there is no alternative to chronic crisis except to somehow muddle through exacerbates the problem.
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What Are The Temp File #.tmp for?

I am having space trouble, and found that iTunes is storing .tmp files #1-2628.  That strikes me as HUGE.  Are they deletable?   If so, How?

What gets lost, via them?
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