July 26th, 2013



The garage now has the framing... today it got the rafters attached.  Now, if we can get walls and roof BEFORE traumatic wind storm...

Two high school boys, the guy doing the work, and his college aged daughter all worked from 9 a.m. until after 5 before all the rafters were in and had struts between them tied in.   My fingers are crossed.

Mom Told Me a New Story

I called mom tonight to see if she got the box of books I'd mailed to her.  As we were talking, I asked her how various family members died, and she responded with a story I'd never heard before.

When her father died, she said he was sitting in a chair and just went to sleep.  Across the room sat her elderly grandmother, who was by then almost completely blind from cataracts (long, long before that was a solvable condition...) " Little" grandmother was also asleep.

When the undertaker arrived and was shown into the room, he said, "Which one is it?"