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Thursday, February 21st, 2013
1:13p - Best Cooking Double Entender
In Homeward Bound, by Marin Thomas, on page 118-19, her rich male main character wants to help her poor female main character with an upcoming project, a new roof on a dilapidated building. He helps, via a "historical restoration fund":

...For a fleeting moment, she'd hoped he had petitioned the city council members for her -- because he'd changed his mind about wanting her to leave. "Are you here to work, or just talk?"

"Work. The others will be along shortly."


"I called in a few debts. Six, to be exact."

He may have purchased the supplies, but he wasn't running the show. "I'll let you and your debts help on one condition."

Laughter twinkled in his eyes. "You have a condition?"

Trying to keep a straight face, she insisted, "After the roof is replaced, you have to stay and watch the fireworks with me tonight."

He rubbed a hand along his jaw. "Does the invitation include supper?"

Leave it to a man to think about his stomach when a woman was thinking of... other things.

"I've got hot dogs."

"Enough for six men?"



"A six pack of Dr Pepper."

Shaking his head, he fished his wallet from his back pocket and handed her three twenties. "Get enough hot dogs, sodas, and chips for my crew and I'll watch the fireworks with you."

Her eyes narrowed. "I suppose I have to do all the cooking."

He grinned, "Yep."

Nose in the air, she brushed past him. "Fine. I look forward to roasting all ya'lls weenies."

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